Mizuki Hakufu High Justicar replied

176 weeks ago

Okay guys, since there seems to be some confusion with getting your characters added to the Roster on here - this guide should clear things up for everyone.

Once you've registered on Guildwork you have to go to your Characters page, which looks like this:

Once here, you need to click 'Add Character to Guildwork'

After that, you select your world, then type your characters' name.

Next, Guildwork needs to verify that the character you are trying to add is actually yours. They have their own tutorial for this after you click the Proceed button. Basically what you have to do is put a randomly generated string into your character info on the Lodestone.

Once you've done that, your character should be added to your Guildwork account. Feel free to message myself or another of the Admins if you have any difficulties.

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